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Hasbro Pie Face Duel Kids Game C0193100

od Hasbro European Trading B.V. - Prodáváno společností myWorld

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3% Cashback + 2 Shopping Points
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In Pie Face Duel, the challengers play simultaneously and put their faces through the two gossip frames. The throwing hand is brought into position and loaded with a wet sponge or harmless spray foam. Then it's time to count - 1,2,3 - three is the start! Now press the red buttons on both sides of the skid base as quickly as possible. By pressing the button, the hand is moved in the direction of the other player. Of course each player tries to fend off the hand with the disgustingly wet projectile by himself and tries to steer it back towards the other player by quickly pressing the button. This provides the right amount of thrills, because Pie Face Duel is not about luck, but about skill. Here nothing is left to chance - only those who react quickly have the chance to get away with a dry face. If the hand is finally too close to one side of the skid base, it is released and claps the sponge or spray foam directly into the face of the other player. This player is ge-pie-faced, looks totally funny and flies out. The other player wins!

Product Details


GTIN 5010993345403

Datum vydání 29.06.2017

Rozměr 403 x 269 x 81  mm

Hmotnost produktu 940 g

Material Karton

Výrobní číslo součástky C0193100

Warning Notice Attention: To avoid injuries, please follow the assembly instructions carefully. Contain small parts and/or tear-off small parts that could be swallowed, for example. Risk of suffocation.

Doporučený věk from 5 years

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